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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh (Vinny Boo Boo)

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Brief Bio

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from James Madison University. My concentration was and remains Painting and Drawing. I am a fine artist and an art educator. I live and work in the greater Richmond area.

I am passionate about the value of art education. I graduated with a licensure to teach Art PK-12. I poured all my energy into early childhood art development and received two awards of excellence for my work as an elementary art educator. For 13 years, I taught students the fundamentals of art and the joy of expression. I love helping others find and explore the artist within. I believe creativity is in our core and that the arts help us to lead more enriched lives.

I am drawn to creativity with a pull that has the power to keep a narcoleptic working late into the night and on into the wee hours of the morning. I love to share my skill, joy, expertise, and experience with clients. It is with a keen eye and a sensitive spirit that I experience the world and create art that shares truth and connection. I would love to partner with you to expose and express the beauty in your life and help you connect in even more ways to the feelings, places and people you love. Reach out, let's draw in together.

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Draw in, Draw out

I've been immersed in art my whole life. To be in the creative process feels like being submerged in a pool by loving arms that reveal wonder beneath the surface. The experience is transportive. In an instant, the world quiets and time slows. Sounds become muffled, light softens, and eyes widen. It's a joy to be suspended in space, hair carried about by waves of fancy and emotion. In this place, ordinary things take on new life and meaning. Time is all but lost. Bridges, walls, and worlds are built and meet their demise. Years worth of work in hours is conceived. Wars are waged, leaving no visible trace. The work motivates, inspires, and exhausts those with the patience and hospitality to entertain it. In this world, seas are crossed before land and waters have edges or borders. Boats are set in motion to destinations not yet built. The journey is difficult at times. Paper worlds are fragile and crumble at the mere mention of flames. Most are destroyed before the concrete is poured. Those that make it are often nurtured in secret for years before they crest. The work thrills and engages. One is wise not to resist, but rather to allow oneself to be pulled under by sets and waves of creativity.

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Thou Art, Lovely

Art is a moving window. Her composition continually changes. She has a way of reflecting her companions as she draws them close. I am the subject seen and the fragile frame positioned looking out into the world. 

She knows the art of play and wears her heart on her sleeve. There is truth in her every turn and in her very frame. Take her for a drive. Join in, sing with her. Call her out on the floor. With each whip bear witness to her and honor the life she brings. 

Capture, preserve and share her, but let her run, as fast and as far as dreams. Remember and cherish her as she cannot be caught or contained. Her beauty is wild. You have not arms to fully hold her, nor eyes, nor mind to wholly possess her. Grasp anyway. 

Exchange glances, share glimpses, laugh as she escapes, hair sliding through your fingers. Savor her path, her aroma. Look for the broken branches. Pick up her trail and follow her. Trace her ways and the contours of that which remain. Rub the texture of her days. There is much joy to be found. Chase after her and in so doing find yourself.

Thou art, lovely.

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